3D Knee Replacement

Is knee pain affecting your daily activities? Are you considering a knee replacement? Don't replace your knee, recreate it with the Conformis 3D Knee Replacement.

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Meet Dr. Jason Davis

Dr. Davis brings sports medicine expertise to The Dallas Limb Restoration Center. He also completed a fellowship in hip and knee replacement and honorably served in the U.S. Army…

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Regenerative Orthopedics & Stem Cells

Utilizing Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells we can get you back to doing the things you want to faster and without surgery.

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Bilateral Hip & Knee Replacements

Newer techniques in hip and knee replacement have allowed us to expand the number of patients able to have bilateral joint replacement. Our experience utilizing patient specific 3D printed total joint implants have allowed us to do these surgeries faster, with less blood loss, less risk of blood clots, and decreased infection rates.

Currently we can send the majority of our patients home 1-3 days after having both joints replaced. With standard hip and knee replacement and older surgical techniques every patient went to rehab and not home. In addition the full recovery time that was 3-6 months or longer and is now 1 1/2-3 months. The current recovery time for these procedures has been cut in half what it was only five years ago.

Mr. Ali discusses his experience with Bilateral Knee Replacements:

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