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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation & Department of Labor

Workers' compensation provides medical benefits to workers who are injured or become ill in the course of their employment. In 2015 more then 135 million workers were covered by state or federal workers compensation system.  When a covered worker is injured or becomes sick as a result of his or her employment, that worker receives medical coverage for the injury or illness. Dr. Richard Buch provides orthopedic treatment for a wide variety of workers compensation injuries.
Our physicians and staff understand the importance of timely and open communication to workers compensation patients, case managers, adjusters, and employers. Our workers compensation coordinator will work closely with you and your case manager to ensure timely care is provided for your orthopedic needs and necessary referrals. Our goal is to create a healthy workforce by providing patients with expert orthopedic care that allows them to overcome their injury and return to work in a timely fashion.