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About Bilateral Knee Replacement

Bilateral Knee Replacement Q&A
Orthopedic surgeons in the United States perform. over 700,000 knee replacement each year with great success of restoring function and mobility. It is not uncommon for patient When severe arthritis affects both knees some patients elect to have bilateral (both) knees replaced. Having bilateral knee replacement can be done simultaneously in one surgical episode or what is called staged bilateral knee replacement. Staged bilateral knee replacement is where Dr. Buch will replace one knee and at a later date (typically 3 months or longer) he will replace the other knee. Many patients with arthritis in both knees desire to have their knees replaced at the same time as they prefer to have one surgery, one hospital stay, and one recovery period.

However patient must understand bilateral knee replacement is not for everyone. Patients with heart, lung, diabetes, or any other serious medical conditions are not candidates for bilateral knee replacement. Dr. Buch also requires bilateral knee replacement patients to be highly motivated, be willing to commit to rehabilitation, and have a strong support system at home to aid in recovery. Dr. Buch will share the pros and cons of bilateral knee replacement with you and together you will determine if bilateral knee replacement is the right choice for you.

When considering bilateral knee replacement it is critical to choose a:
  • Surgeon who has fellowship training in knee replacement or complex reconstruction techniques
  • Surgeon who does a high volume of knee replacements
  • Surgeon who has significant experience in bilateral knee replacement
  • Surgeon who educates and explains in detail what to expect following surgery
  • Surgical facility that regularly cares for patients with bilateral knee replacement