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Richard Wheeler

  • Hips and Back

Orthopaedic surgeons at the premier US medical centers have performed on and around me. Finally, I have the good fortune of being under the care of Dr. Richard Buch—the ultimate physician and a caring human being. If your condition is so severe that your chronic or acute pain continues, ask for PSTIM non-drug pain therapy to reduce your pain significantly; it's working for me.

Mike Canzian

  • Full Reversal Left Shoulder, Hip Replacements and Left Knee Replacement

Over the years, Dr Buch has replaced both of my hips, did a full reversal replacement on my left shoulder and full left knee replacement. I am 65 and lead a fully active life thanks to the doc's expertise and experience. I am lucky to have this man taking care of me.

Courtney B.

  • Broken Leg

My leg was broken for 2 years and no one could fix it, until I met Dr. Buch. He fixed my leg with one surgery, while I had had 5 before I met him that didn't help it heal. He is incredibly intelligent and has a great sense of humor. He made me feel like there was hope and that it would be better. Because of him, I can walk, run, skip....whatever I want. Dr. Buch is that guy that can fix bones that no one can fix. I'm so glad that I had the chance to know such a wonderful person and wonderful doctor. I recommend him to anyone.

Michelle P.

  • Arm-Car Accident

I consider myself blessed to have found Dr. Buch because I do not think my arm would have healed like it has without him. He is a wonderful doctor and I am proud to join the countless others whom he has worked so hard to restore their quality of life when it seems quite impossible. I have enjoyed being under his care and working with the friendly staff. I will forever be appreciative!

Mary Beth

  • Leg Injury

Words cannot convey our gratitude for the gift Dr. Buch gave my father Harold in restoring the use of his injured leg. The great service he provides through his surgical skill is enriched by the great kindness and care he shows for his patients.

Jonathon Sansom

  • Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Buch and his staff are wonderful they really take the time to listen the problem that you are having and do care about keeping you out of pain. Three years ago I had a very bad accident and severely broke the tibia plate of my right leg as well as the fibia. The tibia plate is the bottom of you knee and supports majority of the weight that your body carries on the tibia side of the leg. I underwent surgery to repair the massive fracture, basically my leg was in about 40 pieces. After the surgery was performed, I had a steel metal plate running from just the center part of the bottom of my knee down the tibia that went about half way down my leg. There were I believe 11 screws that held my knee and leg in place the majority of the screws were drilled just below the knee and some screws shown the tibia as well. After the surgery I noticed that when the fractured and surgery had healed, I could not walk correct because of the pain from the trauma and surgery. I went on like this until I could no longer take the pain of walking. I went to see Dr. B as I call Dr. Buch about a year and a half after my surgery and just the awful pain from walking. Dr. Buch and staff type me as a new patient and explained to me why I was having pain in my knee so bad. I could not straighten my leg so Dr. Buch explained that the way I healed from the fracture and surgery left my leg in a 5 degree angel. So surgery was set up to do a total knee replacement...Dr. Buch did the surgery on Aug. 5th 2013. Now I'm in physical therapy and all is going well there is still a lot of pain from the surgery and putting strain on it from P.T., but I know that it's just for a little while knee it's getting straighter and I'm able to more and more weight on there daily. I just want to say thank you to Dr. Buch and staff that have been with me from the very first time I walked in the office. I'm thankful that I found a good a competent doctor that knew what to do even in such a case as mine. A lot of my family asked me a total knee replacement?? Are you sure you want that at your age because I am 36 yrs. Thank You to Dr. Buch and staff that have put me on the path of walking without pain and being able to bend my knee straight. I would recommend even my family if they have pain in one of the joints of the body to seek help from Dr. Buch. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

James Frame

  • Bilateral Knee Replacement

Over the past 5 years, I have lived with extreme pain in both knees. I was a marathon runner for some time and the wear and tear depleted the cartilage in my knees. After numerous injections and limited mobility, I decided enough was enough. I did not want to take pain medication for the rest of my life. I made the decision to have bi-lateral knee replacements with Dr. Buch. The procedure went flawlessly and after pushing myself in rehab, I was good as new again. I currently work out 2-3 days a week and get 10-15 miles in each day. My only regret is not having the procedure 4 or 5 years ago as I missed out on so much. To celebrate my recovery, my wife and I went horseback riding 7 months after surgery. I bent the left knee to reach the stirrup, I exerted enough strength to swing up in the saddle, and finally after a two hour ride I dismounted the horse impacting both knees when I hit the ground. I did all three with no pain, I was very proud and pleased. If you are considering knee replacement you have to make an appointment with Dr. Richard Buch. I have the utmost respect for him as a highly skilled surgeon and outstanding person. He gave me my life back. My advice to you following surgery is stay committed to physical therapy and your only regret will be not having the procedure done sooner.

Bob Evans

  • Total Hip Surgery

Age: 72

Procedure: Left Total Hip, Ceramic-on-Ceramic

Surgery: October 2002

“I could not be happier. Before I had my hip replaced I was in constant pain. Every step I took was painful.”

Terry B

  • Total Hip Replacement X2

Dr. Buch is a true professional and knows what he is doing at all times. If you are anxious about your condition he will take time to talk to you and give you the best advise he can. If you, like me, "have been there and done that" he knows he can kid with you and give you a bit of a hard time jokingly. My first hip replacement was done when I was 41 years old and no other orthopaedic surgeon would touch me since I was so young. I took my x-rays and went to Dr. Buch. He took a look at the x-rays, came into the exam room and asked me when I wanted to schedule my surgery. I stammered and was ready to make excuses, but Dr. Buch looked at me and said, "You didn't come to me to just be sitting in a little room." So, we set the date. Afterwards, besides physical therapy being hurting a bit, I was great!! Then six years ago, I started having pain again, so back to Dr. Buch. He just said, "I told you 12 or 13 years." He was right again. So I had a replacement replaced. I am here to tell anyone that has any questions, comments or concerns...the man knows his stuff, will do the very best that technology allows him to do and don't be surprised if every other doctor tells you something negative and Dr. Buch pulls a rabbit out of the hat for you. HE'S GREAT!!!

Donald Plum

  • Bilateral Knee Replacements

I lived with extreme pain in both knees for years. I was not able to work for more then 15 minutes without having to sit down. I decided the pain was enough and researched on the internet for a highly skilled surgeon who would do bi-lateral knee replacements. My search led me on a 200 mile drive for an appointment with Dr. Richard Buch, this was a short distance for the type of relief I have today. Prior to surgery I had CTs on both of my knees to send to ConforMIS. Dr. Buch explained ConforMIS will make custom implants specific for me that will replicate my original knee. I liked that the implants were made from my knee anatomy, it made sense. 14 days after bi-lateral knee replacements, I walked into Dr. Buch's office with no cane, walker, or any assistance. My wife had shoulder problems for years, after my surgery we made an appointment to see Dr. Buch for her shoulder. Dr. Buch diagnosed her problem and had an excellent outcome following surgery as well. I have recommended numerous colleagues and friends who have also seen Dr. Buch with similar outcomes. Dr. Buch and his staff are absolutely outstanding, you will not have a better experience with any other surgeon. If you are considering joint replacement Dr. Buch is the surgeon of choice. I put him 10 feet above the the top shelf, I can not praise him enough.

Eddie Mansfield

  • Knee Infection & Knee Replacement

I had my first knee replaced with another surgeon and it became infected. I was told I may be facing an amputation due to the severe infection. I was referred to Dr. Buch and he diagnosed me with a strep infection in my knee, he said we can save your leg. He worked to fight the infection and today I have my leg. Over the past 25 years my other knee had been extremely painful and limited my life, I hobbled around for nearly three decades. Dr. Buch replaced my knee with a Conformis implant. He said Conformis makes the implant to fit my knee, resulting in a precise fit that would preserve healthy tissue. Today I am back to running, golfing, walking up stairs, and becoming athletic again. Knee pain no longer forces me to modify my activities or limit my life. I have referred numerous people to Dr. Buch for orthopaedic needs, I highly recommend him to anyone needing a joint replacement.

Maurice Stallworth

  • Bilateral Knee Replacement

Dr. Buch and his staff have done an outstanding job with my surgery. I had both knees replaced. I'm very pleased with the outcome of the surgery, and I'm very pleased with the care that I had from Dr. Buch and his staff.

Scott Baker

  • Bilateral Hip Replacement

I walked around in pain for almost 10 years and every other doctor I saw never wanted to do the surgery. But when I saw Dr. Buch, he did not hesitate. The surgery went perfectly and my recovery is going great. Dr. Buch is professional but with a great sense of humor, making the experience more comfortable. I am so glad that I choose Dr. Buch for my double hip replacement. I would not hesitate to use him again and recommend him to anyone.

Bill Rosser

  • Infected Knee Surgery

Dr. Buch performed surgery to correct an infection found in my knee replacement from another surgeon. He made sure the nursing staff gave me the best of care. Something most Doctors don't even think about. He is direct in his approach to dealing with your recovery and explaining your progress. He is a no nonsense guy. I much appreciated that. I am in ongoing need of pain management from arthritis in my shoulder and hips. When the time comes for my inevitable hip replacement. He is my doctor of choice.

Adam Z

  • X-Rays and Diagnosis

I have been in chronic back pain since 1990 and recently damaged my shoulder in a fall. Dr. Davis's staff was kind and considerate, even though I was late to my appointment, which I suggest you try to avoid. In the course of reviewing my shoulder they even took x-rays of my hip and uncovered the fact that I was in desperate need of hip replacement. Joey, a radiologist there, was amazing in his pursuit of finding referrals and helping me locate other providers within my coverage group and helping set up appointments. He worked tirelessly to help me and provided a manner of customer service that I thought was extinct in the service and even medical fields.

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