3D Knee Replacement-Conformis

Would you want your knee replaced or recreated? 

Patient-specific knee implants are designed by creating a 3D replica of your knee utilizing a CT scan. This replica is used to generate patient specific custom implants that conform to your unique anatomy. This patient specific approach is based on the principal that everyone's knee joint anatomy is different so your implant should be also. 

In traditional knee replacement the surgeon matches the patient's original knee size to a variety of different sized "off- the-shelf" knee implants. The surgeon selects the one that best resembles the size of the patient and then makes the necessary adjustments during the operation. This can result in 20-25% of knee replacement patients feeling like their new knee is not their normal knee. With personalized knee replacements the matching and measuring takes place on a computer way before the surgery occurs. This makes the surgery more efficient and less invasive as we know the implant is an exact match to your original knee.

Patients may also recognize the following benefits of 3D knee replacement:

  • Reduced operating room time 
  • Reduced anesthesia time
  • Quicker recovery 
  • Shorter length of stay in the hospital
  • More natural feeling knee
  • Preservation of your knee’s natural shape, joint line, and kinematics
  • Reduced risk of infection (due to pre-sterilized one time use instruments)
  • Less blood loss
  • Less bone removal